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I'll miss you Rusty Dog!!

My heart is heavy with loss, my Rusty dog passed away yesterday. He was such a protector and good natured baby-dog. I first carried Rusty in my arms when he was 12 weeks old. He was a yellow lab who looked just like the dog on the cottonelle commercials. Everyone loved him, when I would take him for walks everyone wanted to pet Rusty. I never knew of anyone Rusty didn't love, kids, adults, infants were his favorites. He spent his life protecting me always. His love was unconditional and never failed. He was always happy and sweet and seemed to understand what tears were, as he would always sit at my feet anytime I would cry and take his paw and put it on my leg as if he was hugging me. Rusty was 11 years old and it was way to soon to let him go. He had some health issues for the past year, but I honestly thought he would be ok. We're not positive what happened but it seems like he may have had a stroke and then heart attack. When I found him yesterday, he was laying on his side as if he was sleeping in his sunny spot next to the back door. As soon as I touched him I knew he was gone. His best friend is a golden retriever named Brandy and she is so heart broken! She just seems lost without her friend and it makes me so sad, I want to do something but there is nothing that I can do to replace her friend. 

The tears fall as I type this out, my world will never be the same without sweet Rusty dog. When he first got sick I told him he could never leave me, so, I know when the time comes when I will close my eyes for good, he will be there waiting for me to protect me and be with me always. I love you Rusty .. my heart will never let you go! Thank you for all the love .. you made my world a better place!!!
RIP  10-16-14  : (

Happy Birthday My Best Friend

Today is a very special day .. it's Buster's birthday! Today my Precious Puppy is 9 years old. He get's vanilla ice cream and lot's of LOVE!!!!

I feel very blessed to have Buster, he was a gift from above. I adore and love him with all my heart. Buster, my shadow and best friend!!!!

  Happy Birthday Buster .. Your the Best Puppy I could ever wish for!!!

Loss of a Friend

Friendship is an amazing gift! Today, I miss my friend and wish to say Thank You. Thank you for the love .. for the laughs .. and for all the good times. These treasures collected in my heart are priceless, far more valuable than any gold or wealth. Nothing can replace my friend, nothing can compare to the happiness we shared. You gave me good feelings about the world and helped me grow to believe in myself. You are my friend forever, our friendship does not end in death. I believe real love never ends!! I miss your sweet face but your smile lives strong. I'll carry you always and never let go - promise!!! Thank you for sharing the magic of you .. my world is a better place because of You!!!

My Best Friend Buster

My best friend is my dog Buster, a precious pekingese who I adore and love with all my heart!!! I call him my gentle little lamb, he follow's me everywhere I go! His sweet ways stole my heart from the beginning, when I first got him at four months old, he was sick with kennel cough not eligible for adoption and was scheduled to be sent to a shelter. I agreed to purchase him "as is". When I brought him home he had very few teeth because all he'd ever eaten was soft can food. Due to his illness he had been kept seperated from all the other puppies, isolated in a back room alone. His little eyes were dull and so sad, his spirit was almost lifeless. He wouldn't play and all he wanted was to be held and loved. He became my shadow and goes with me everywhere. We both love and need each other!! He's like a gift and everyday I give thanks for having him in my life!!! Today he is seven years old, we share each day together and everyday it amazes me how he never fails to make me smile!!! His love is MAGIC and Buster is the very best friend I've ever had!!!! I love you Buster FOREVER!!!!! 

What is it that I search for?

Sometimes I feel like I’m searching but searching for what? Often I feel like I’m looking but have no clue what I’m looking for? I find myself waiting but what am I waiting on? It’s a need I cannot describe or understand. Confusing and yet I find it necessary to complete my days. Will I ever know what it is I’m missing inside or will I always live life with this need to find whatever it is my spirit calls for?

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