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My best friend is my dog Buster, a precious pekingese who I adore and love with all my heart!!! I call him my gentle little lamb, he follow's me everywhere I go! His sweet ways stole my heart from the beginning, when I first got him at four months old, he was sick with kennel cough not eligible for adoption and was scheduled to be sent to a shelter. I agreed to purchase him "as is". When I brought him home he had very few teeth because all he'd ever eaten was soft can food. Due to his illness he had been kept seperated from all the other puppies, isolated in a back room alone. His little eyes were dull and so sad, his spirit was almost lifeless. He wouldn't play and all he wanted was to be held and loved. He became my shadow and goes with me everywhere. We both love and need each other!! He's like a gift and everyday I give thanks for having him in my life!!! Today he is seven years old, we share each day together and everyday it amazes me how he never fails to make me smile!!! His love is MAGIC and Buster is the very best friend I've ever had!!!! I love you Buster FOREVER!!!!! 

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